vinyasa yoga





vinyasa yoga opens and strengthens the body, creates space for the breath, promotes concentration and ease, teaches us to perceive without judgement and cultivates inner peace.

vinyasa yoga is a powerful, dynamic and fluid style of yoga, in which each movement is initiated by and connected with the breath. a specific technique of breath called ujaii is utilised during the entire asana(physical) practice. this technique helps slow down, expand and deepen the breath, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. the breath remains calm in spite of physical effort, and so does the mind.  

in my vinyasa yoga group classes i offer creatively assembled sequences, which are both physically demanding and help release tension and promote relaxation. you will have the time to pause, turn your awareness inward and focus on your personal needs, so you can adapt your own practice within the group setting. you will learn how to cultivate awareness towards your breath and how to use your breath to your advantage by applying simple techniques. 

"vinyasa" is a sanskrit word that translates into: to position something in a certain/ intelligent way. 

(vi = in a certain way, nyasa = to put, position) 

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