yoga is a science or method of self inquiry that entails mental, physical and spiritual disciplines. the earliest documentation of the practice dates back to over 5000 years ago. today, the physical discipline, hatha yoga, is the most popular. it includes postural work (asana), breath work (pranayama) and concentration/ meditation (dharana). over time, a vast number of yoga styles, that all have their own characteristics and merits have evolved from classical hatha yoga. 

my passion lies with vinyasa yoga , which features dynamic sequences of movement. 



group classes


group classes usually take place weekly and therefor present a suitable setting to maintain a regular practice.  group classes can also serve as a source of inspiration for your personal practice at home. to feel and be part of the group energy during class can be exhilarating and motivational. at the same time, you always have the possibility to turn your senses inward and adjust your practice within the group according to your own personal needs. 


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workshops present a welcome opportunity to approach and delve deeper into a specific theme in theory and practice in a playful manner. the timeframe is set up generously, so details can be examined and questions answered. 


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private classes


private classes are perfect if you are new to  yoga or would like to deepen your practice effectively with a personalised program designed specifically according to your individual needs and goals.

private classes are also suitable if you want to modify your practice during pregnancy or while suffering from an injury or illness or to restart your practice after a break. 


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at work


practicing yoga at the workplace is a great solution, if your busy workday prevents you from tending to your physical and mental health. a lot can be accomplished in a time-efficient manner. 

a steady yoga practice supports power of concentration, reduces stress and promotes overall wellbeing. 


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